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Warehouse & Inventory

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Direct Success has shipped more than 6.5 million items with 100% inventory control and reconciliation. In other words, we have never lost a single product in our 20+ years providing warehouse solutions to leading B2B and B2C brands.

Bringing all of your shipping and logistics needs under one roof, Direct Success streamlines fulfillment from picking and packing to tracking and delivering. We facilitate flexible, cost-effective shipping worldwide, including same-day processing, ground delivery and expedited delivery.

Warehouse Inventory Management System

Inventory accuracy is crucial to business success and customer satisfaction. Our strict internal standard operating procedures (SOPs), proven QC processes and designated warehouse management staff follow every piece of inventory through to final pack-out, with exact counts confirmed and reconciled at every cycle

Pick, Pack & Ship

Orders may be received via online shopping cart, electronic data transfer or manual data entry. They are then processed based on an agreed upon schedule and provided to the production team for fulfillment and shipping, all without downtime or holdups.

Kitting & Assembly

When your campaign requires you to combine multiple elements or products into one kit, entrust your pack-outs to Direct Success. Our dynamic printing and kitting expertise enables brands to reduce inventory, reduce obsolescence and tap into shipping savings.

Returns Processing & Disposal

Our SOPs accurately and reliably govern return processing and inventory disposal. Upon receipt of a returned shipment, DSI’s warehouse staff will log the returns, including the original recipient, inventory item(s) and quantity, along with the reason for the return. We will also coordinate destruction and disposal of inventory.

Why DSI?

+ Secure, temperature-controlled, dedicated warehouse
+ Full PDMA, FDA and DEA compliance
+ Annual training
+ Meticulous record keeping
+ 20+ years in business
+ 100% reconciliation and compliance

Let Direct Success refine and perfect your fulfillment process so that your business can run smoothly, efficiently and proudly.

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