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Customer service is what sets DSI's Pharmacy apart from so many of the other alternative/mail order pharmacies. Patients deserve quality attention and service when getting their prescriptions.

The Pharmaceutical Industry is looking to specialty and mail order pharmacies to help maintain presence and availability for orphan and non–blockbuster drugs. Combining the marketing expertise of DSI with the in–house pharmacy and customer care center helps prepare campaigns that get the brand to the patient per the HCP's instructions.

Drugs that have recently come off patent (LOE) have found a second life by using our pharmacy.

Brand vs. Generic...

Provides the DAW that the physician and patient prefer without concern for generic substitution

DSI carries no generics


Prescriptions are shipped directly to the patient's home

Customer Care...

Regular communications with the patients help maintain adherence with on–time refills


DSI works with each brand team on the best way to ensure HCPs and patients get the most from a Brand Pharmacy Program. DSI can help guide clients to the practical use of rebates, co–pay assistance programs or other support to help patients afford the Brand that the HCP prefers.

"Direct Success continues to deliver on–time solutions and proactively provides time and cost saving options to us. I highly recommend their services and anticipate working with them on many future projects."
Associate Director – Commercial IT
Novartis Pharmaceuticals Corporation

The DSI Specialty Pharmacy improved access to a medication with limited availability.
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Leverage our Fulfillment Services to further educate the care giver and drive program results.
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